Kissed by a Deer

Imagine walking down a country lane with your two dogs on a warm, sunny, spring morning.

Off in the distance you catch a glimpse of a young buck grazing in a nearby field. You get your dogs under control and quietly watch and wait by the trail.

The young buck is now at […]

Help with Tough Decisions when Your Pet is Dying

He was eating fewer meals and drinking less water. For an active, healthy, fun-loving 9-year old boxer dog, no one suspected this beautiful dog was dying.

This bundle of fur came into Charlene’s life when he was almost two years old. She adopted him from a shelter and he had a place in her heart and her home from that day on.

Charlie hung around with Charlene in her home office while she put in her busy days. Their favorite fun time was talking walks together along the beach and romping around in the backyard like two kids having a great time.

Imagine her heartache when Charlie began to loose weight and his loss of appetite became severe. In less than two weeks, he was a very sick dog and it was time for some tough decisions.

A trip to the vet and an antibiotic didn’t help. Charlie was getting lethargic and sleeping a lot. Charlene was feeling desperate, anxious, and scared that she wasn’t doing enough or making the right choices for this exceptional boxer dog.

I got her email early one evening – “Charlie is sick… can you help?” Charlene knew I worked with a healing process called Spiritual Response Therapy. Could I help her sick boxer dog? I asked her for any information she had on Charlie’s condition, the vet’s examination, and test results.

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Meet Me at the Spring Mind Body Spirit Fair in Madison

FaireApril2010-AdSpring1Join me at the “Spring into Summer Mind Body Spirit Fair” on April 17 and 18 at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison Wisconsin.

Embrace the mystery of self-awareness and learn specific techniques for success in your unique journey through life.

Attend my presentation on “How Past Lives Block Success,” get a past life reading and clearing with me, browse the Exhibit Hall.

Learn about ‘being’ and how to empower yourself in special ways:

  • transform your life in coming months and for your future,
  • know what may be coming and how to deal with it,
  • avoid the pitfalls of life,
  • become a more awakened being!

Discover all this and more by ATTENDING the WELLIFE MIND BODY SPIRIT FAIR!

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Support Your Horse's Energy Field

iStock_000008402808XSmallYour horse’s energy field is not as obvious as a brilliant aura of light that you can see even in the daylight. That would make it so much easier to be mindful of them as conscious beings.

Don’t wait until your horse is acting up or sick to get some meaningful energy work for him. You don’t need extensive training in energy work to make a difference in your horse’s total wellbeing.

Follow these quick and easy steps to tune up yourself first, and then support your horse:

  1. Ground and center yourself. Take several deep breaths, relax, and become quiet inside. Focus on stillness. Imagine growing roots out of the bottom of your feet and anchoring yourself in the ground like a tree. Feel how comforting and supportive that feels.
  2. Flush yourself with white light. Imagine a globe of shining, sparkling, white light sitting a few inches above your head. See a stream of beautiful white light flow through the top of your head, all the way through your body, down to your feet and the roots into the ground. Imagine the white light flushing out of your body any discomfort, any emotional chaos, and any energy that is not your own. Feel the lightness and warmth of this white light within you. Continue reading Support Your Horse’s Energy Field