Get Immediate Relief when Your Horse is Suffering

She was desperate when she called and made an appointment for her 20-year old Arabian mare, Majestic Moment. Jennifer loved this horse and couldn’t stand to see this beautiful Arabian horse suffering from another bout with founders.

She already checked the mare’s food sources and feeding schedule, brought in high quality supplements and experts to work with the horse’s feet. Nothing was working. Jennifer was watching her beloved Arabian horse stand there and lose all hope in living.

When I started working with the horse’s energy field, I noticed that she was 50% open to receive her greater good and only 20% open to be healed and alive. Majestic Moment was running programming that brought on a 70% desire to suffer and a 100% need to suffer.

The Arabian mare’s issues and challenges with health and fitness were directly related to struggles in past lives, especially a powerful fear program at the time of her death in another lifetime. In that lifetime, one or more of the mare’s feet stepped into a hole, she fell and seriously injured her feet and legs. She was immediately killed in that lifetime. Now, with the founder affecting her feet, she’s feeling that there’s no hope for her – she’s feeling that this is the end and she’s going to die.

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