About Janice Puta

Author and Spiritual Director
Emotional Freedom & Healing™ Facilitator
Certified Teacher and Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy

Janice Puta, the owner of Our Spiral Journey, LLC, is on her own journey through life, learning from teachers, students, and pets. Her life purpose is to empower open-minded people to raise their consciousness and to spiritually evolve by sourcing from their Divine Potential. With her particular gifts and abilities as teacher, dream interpreter, spiritual director, energy practitioner and spiritual advocate for people and animals, she engages people in consciously releasing what no longer works for them, and aligning themselves with what they say they want in life.

Since graduating cum laude from Silver Lake College in Wisconsin, Janice has developed a private practice in energy work and spiritual healing. She teaches ongoing classes in Divination Skills (with a pendulum) and in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).

Her training includes:

  • Certified Teacher, Spiritual Response Therapy, Spiritual Response Association founded by Robert Detzler
  • Certified Spiritual Director and Director of Directed Retreats, The Norbertine Center for Spirituality, Wisconsin
  • Certified Prosperity Guide, Prosperity Partnership, founded by Elyse Killoran Hope
  • Certified Facilitator, Emotional Freedom & Healing, founded by Richard Ross
  • Sanaya Roman, Divine Will levels 1-2

As a Spiritual Advocate for People and Animals, Janice supports the innate dignity and spiritual connection all beings have in the Divine Plan. Through Spiritual Response Therapy, she intuitively assesses the physical needs, emotional challenges, and energy blocks of pets and their owners. By bringing each of them into harmony within themselves, she then reaches deeper into the bond between pets and owners for the soul satisfying experience they each long for.

This focus on healing and wholeness is basic to Janice’s passionate service and teaching career. She helps clients reconnect to their Divine Source, revive their courage and gusto to live a passionate life, embrace their inner wisdom, and choose ways to be a blessing in the world.

Private Consultations

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To work with Janice in a private energy assessment and alignment session for yourself, contact her at: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com with the subject line “Let’s Schedule My Spa Experience for My Soul.” Sessions average between 60 and 90 minutes and are available worldwide. Send your questions and request for current fees to: Janice (at) OurSpiralJourney.com

To receive an energy assessment and alignment session for your horse, contact her at: Janice (at) SpiritualAdvocateforAnimals.com with the subject line “Schedule an Energy Assessment and Alignment for My Horse!” Know what’s really going on in your horse’s mind and life with this fantastic awareness and alignment experience for your horse.  Send your questions and request for current fees to: Janice (at) SpiritualAdvocateforAnimals.com

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Helping You Walk the Path to Healing and Wholeness
Janice M. Puta, BS
SRA Certified Teacher and Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy