Kissed by a Deer

Imagine walking down a country lane with your two dogs on a warm, sunny, spring morning.

Off in the distance you catch a glimpse of a young buck grazing in a nearby field. You get your dogs under control and quietly watch and wait by the trail.

The young buck is now at the edge of the field and is looking at you.

Noticing that you’ve got the dogs restrained, and feeling you aren’t a threat to him, the young buck inches closer to check you out.

Then it happens. Beyond your wildest dreams – you’re looking into those beautiful eyes, feeling the warm breath and then the wet tongue against your cheek.

Who would ever believe you?

You may take it for granted that you can communicate with your dogs through touch, signals, and commands.

But after this experience, I think you’ll appreciate interspecies communication in a way you never did before.

Imagine how much more reverent and gentle people might be with nature and her creatures when they realize the possibility of such intimate contact like this.

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Janice M. Puta
Spiritual Advocate for People and Animals
SRA Certified Teacher & Consultant in Spiritual Response Therapy/Technique
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