Practice Connecting with Your Horses on an Energy Level

iStock_000000310936XSmallYour horses are very adept at turning their ears in different directions to be sure they know what’s going on around them. They have a lot to teach you about tuning into their consciousness and appreciating their acute awareness of your personal energy.

A friend of mine often observes her horses out in the pasture when she’s sitting at the kitchen table and looking out the window. One by one, she’ll mentally call her horses by name until each head turns and looks towards the kitchen window.

Now that’s making a connection with your horses! Try practicing that standing outside the fence to their pasture. Then gradually increase the distance to the deck or porch, and work your way into the house.

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How to Receive More Affection from Your Horses

iStock_000009479625XSmallSafety first, then comfort and fun. These are the unwritten rules in the lives of your pets and animals, especially horses.

Horses naturally have the mind of prey animals. They know they are part of a food chain. Their natural instinct is to stay together for protection, and to run from anything they don’t understand, or anyone they perceive as a threat.

One of the biggest red flags to horses is the size of your ego. Your ego is your protective mechanism for survival.

Yet, at times, ego can be so individualistic that it separates you from, rather than unites you to others. Ego can be so pumped up and self-righteous that energetically it pushes others away from, rather than attracts them into relationships.

You’ve probably seen, heard about, or experienced people whom you felt were “so full of themselves” that you couldn’t wait to run in the opposite direction. Your horses may feel that way about you sometimes.

How do you measure your ego and reduce it to a comfortable size for both you and your horses?

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Pets Feel Left Behind When Another Pet Dies

4295045594_3dbd8cfc46_mWe’re not the only ones who grieve when we lose one of our beloved pets. The other pets in the house or barn feel that loss also. Some of them may even react with anger and biting.

Smaller animals like cats and dogs might resist being picked up or claw at you if you try to pet them. Larger animals like ponies and horses may kick or back away, and not want to let you get close to them.

They don’t have any other language to communicate with to let you know what they are feeling. They may not understand why their friend is no longer around the house or the barn. All they know is that you’re in charge. So in their own way, they may even think that you’re responsible for their friend no longer being there.

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What Happens When a Horse Says “No Way”

iStock_000008155555XSmallThey’re not going to text you or leave a message on your cell phone. They can be in and out of your daily routine and you may not suspect anything’s brewing.

I’m not talking about your boyfriends or your girlfriends. I’m talking about your pets – your faithful companions and playmates.

If you’re not paying attention to their body language and energy, you may be in for a surprise.

George’s son wanted to take two of their horses out for some trail riding with his girlfriend. The son planned on using his girlfriend’s horse trailer but George didn’t approve. George had a good trailer that was built better and safer.

The son went ahead anyway and brought his girlfriend’s trailer over to their place. As he was loading the first horse, the horse hesitated.  Once inside the trailer, the horse reared, came down hard with his front legs, and broke the floor.

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