How to Receive More Affection from Your Horses

iStock_000009479625XSmallSafety first, then comfort and fun. These are the unwritten rules in the lives of your pets and animals, especially horses.

Horses naturally have the mind of prey animals. They know they are part of a food chain. Their natural instinct is to stay together for protection, and to run from anything they don’t understand, or anyone they perceive as a threat.

One of the biggest red flags to horses is the size of your ego. Your ego is your protective mechanism for survival.

Yet, at times, ego can be so individualistic that it separates you from, rather than unites you to others. Ego can be so pumped up and self-righteous that energetically it pushes others away from, rather than attracts them into relationships.

You’ve probably seen, heard about, or experienced people whom you felt were “so full of themselves” that you couldn’t wait to run in the opposite direction. Your horses may feel that way about you sometimes.

How do you measure your ego and reduce it to a comfortable size for both you and your horses?

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